Peach cake in a glass

This low-histamine peach cake is the ideal alternative to normal cakes, and doesn't need an oven or a freezer. 

Light, fresh, tasty and made in next to no time with just 6 ingredients. 

Cooking time:
 15 minutes 

Difficulty: Easy 

Ingredients for 4 persons: 
4 peaches (approx. 600 g) 
100 g blueberries 
80 g almonds 
40 g grated coconut 
8 Medjool dates (approx. 140 g) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 

For the cake base: Step 1:
Put the almonds, grated coconut flakes and 6 dates (40 g) into a food processor and chop everything finely until a crumbly mixture is attained. If you squeeze the mixture in your hands,
it should bind together well. It is important here not to
overmix the ingredients, otherwise the mixture will be too soft.

Step 2:
Next, the mixture is shaped into a cake base, either in small glasses or in a cake tin.

For the sauce: Step 3:
Cut 2 peaches into bite-size pieces and put into a dish with the blueberries.

Step 4:
Put the rest of the peaches (de-stoned), dates and vanilla into a mixer and mix until a creamy consistency is attained. Then apply the creamy sauce to the peaches and blueberries and mix.

Step 5: 
Finally, put the filling on the cake base and garnish with a few coconut flakes.

If you are unable to tolerate one of the ingredients, you can replace it with an alternative.