What can I still eat despite its histamine content?


People who have a sensitive reaction to histamine should favor fresh and, whenever possible, unprocessed foods. Yet in general, the longer a foodstuff is stored or ripens, the more histamine it contains. Ready meals, canned foods and frozen foods are intended for lengthy storage periods – and their high histamine content reflects this.In addition, processing of food and liquids can raise their histamine content. For example, wine contains a particularly large amount of histamine as a result of fermentation. The fermentation process applied to coffee or tea is also likely to increase the histamine content. Smoked products such as salami, ham and smoked fish count as foodstuffs rich in histamine, as is sauerkraut.

Although citrus fruits, strawberries, pulses and wheatgerms are low in histamine themselves, they promote the release of histamine in the body. If the body cannot break down histamine adequately, sufferers should stop eating these foodstuffs altogether. Make sure that your daily diet consists of high-quality, nutritious and varied foodstuffs that do as much good as possible for your body.

Histamine liberators: Low in histamine, but off the menu

Histamine liberators are foodstuffs that contain little histamine themselves, but either promote histamine release in the intestine or can block the histamine-degrading DAO enzyme. They include chocolate and cocoa, certain types of fruit such as strawberries and citrusfruits, mushrooms, tomatoes and nuts.In addition, alcohol and certain constituents of medicines (for example sleeping pills or expectorants) can heavily reduce the action of the endogenous DAO enzyme. Sufferers should only eat the following histamine liberators in moderation:

Citrus fruits
Kiwi fruit
Cashew nuts

Food additives (glutamate, benzoates, colorants, sulfites, nitrites)

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