Histamine in the diet

If you have a sensitive reaction to histamine, you should be extra careful about what you eat. Some foodstuffs contain a lot of histamine. In addition, when eating, we can ingest substances that boost the release of histamine in the body (histamine liberators) or block the endogenous enzyme DAO.

Does a low histamine diet help?

If the body reacts sensitively to histamine, it is advisable to cut histamine-rich foodstuffs from the menu. Doing away with histamine in food altogether is virtually impossible if you want a balanced diet, as histamine-free foodstuffs are very rare. On the whole, fresh, unprocessed foodstuffs are low in histamine. Stored, canned or other industrially processed products have a high histamine content.

Giving up histamine for good?

In the event of a temporary enzyme deficiency, it may be enough to avoid histamine-rich foodstuffs for a couple of weeks. The duration of individual low-histamine diets can vary greatly. You therefore need to talk to your physician.

Which foodstuff do you need to avoid?

Green light for low histamine food stuffs?

In contrast with lactose intolerance, where all dairy products are forbidden, there is no specific histamine product group that must be avoided.White bread with strawberry jelly from a jar and Parmesan can therefore be easily replaced by a slice of pumpernickel, cream cheese and home-grown cress.

Water, Coffee and Tea

Potatoes, Rice and Pasta

Cereal products

Fresh dairy products


Herbs and spices

Fresh meat, poultry and fish

Vegetable oil

Fresh eggs

Histamine Intolerance

Foodstuffs containing Histamine?


How to identify the usual symptoms of histamine intolerance?


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