Help, Histamine - what should I do?

Eliminating histamine-rich foodstuffs is the first route to treatment. Foodstuffs with high levels of other  biogenic amines and histamine liberators must also be largely taken off the menu.  There is some good news for sufferers: a low-histamine diet is not the only option.They can take DAO enzymes externally. This helps to break down histamine in food.

Normal Situation

The enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) processes histamine ingested through food in the small intestine and breaks it down as normal.


If there is no or insufficient DAO enzyme, the body cannot break down histamine adequately. It enters the bloodstream via the intestinal mucosa and causes many different types of complaint.


Food supplements can help and supplement the missing enzyme. Histamine is broken down again.Acute complaints can be alleviated by appropriate medicines. For instance, charcoal tablets can be taken in the event of diarrhea. In the case of severe intolerance reactions, it may be useful to take H1 blockers (antihistamines) after consulting a physician.

DAOSiN®: Supplements the endogenous enzyme for breaking down histamine


How to identify the usual symptoms of histamine intolerance?

List of foodstuffs

Foodstuffs containing Histamine? 

Histamine Intolerance

Foodstuffs containing Histamine?