Often hard to identify

Many people often spend a long time trying to find the cause of their complaints.After all, histamine symptoms are non-specific. This means that they can also have many other causes. As the histamine content of foodstuffs often fluctuates, it is hard to pinpoint.

The following options for identifying histamine as the cause of the complaints are available to your physician:

Methods include:

  • One good option is a journal for keeping a record of symptoms or diet. Sufferers should use it to keep a very thorough daily record of what foodstuffs they eat and how much, and what complaints arise and when.

  • At the same time, the physician should rule out other causes of the complaints. In particular, relevant skin and blood tests should rule out an allergic reaction. 

  • Intolerance can also be detected by measuring the activity of DAO in the blood. It is important to know here that DAO levels in the blood fluctuate due to stress and other strains, for example.

Do you ever suffer from inexplicable digestive problems (such as diarrhea,  flatulence, etc.) or rashes?

Are you often tired (especially after eating) even though you have slept well?

Do you sometimes feel as if you were drunk even though you have not drunk any alcohol?

Do you tolerate foodstuffs such as meat, fresh fish, cheese and red wine better at  some times than others?


How to identify the usual symptoms of histamine intolerance?

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Foodstuffs containing Histamine?

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