Tasty and healthy: Low-histamine cooking

Low-histamine cooking is not that hard if you follow three basic rules:

  • 1. The foodstuffs must be fresh. Use fruit and vegetables from the market on the same day. If you enjoy eating sausage meat and meat, ask your butcher to give you the freshest products.

  • 2. Do not buy instant or ready-made products. These also include most spices and seasoning mixes such as instant stock mixes and soy sauce.

  • 3. Learn to listen to your body. People with histamine intolerance have very different reactions to foodstuffs. Perhaps you struggle to tolerate a low-histamine product on our list – if so, simply leave it out, wait a while then try it again in small quantities.

  • Tip: Start a small kitchen garden with aromatic herbs. You can also do this in a flowerpot on a windowsill. A balcony flower box with lettuce ensures a supply of fresh lettuce leaves all year round.

Low histamine Recipes

Low-histamine asparagus risotto

As light as the summer, and easily digested. Green asparagus, fresh zucchini and succulent peas – 

so tasty & healthy!

Low-histamine crunchy granola

This low-histamine muesli made from delicious nuts, coconut flakes and dried fruit gets the day off to a great start!



Low-histamine raw cake

A fresh and fruity low-histamine raw cake that everyone can make easily. The perfect summer dessert for hot days. 

Low-histamine superfood bowl

This dish packs a punch. As well as looking good, it is tasty and low in histamine. 

Peach cake in a glass

This low-histamine peach cake is the ideal alternative to normal cakes, and doesn't need an oven or a freezer. 

Light, fresh, tasty and made in next to no time with just 6 ingredients.