What is an enzyme deficiency syndrome?

So far, symptoms such as abdominal pains, intestinal dysfunctions, diarrhoea, skin irritations and inexplicable rhinitis, which may occur in the most diverse combinations, and cannot be assigned to the exact origin.

Sciotec, under the leadership of Dr. Albert Missbichler, could establish that enzyme deficiency syndrome causes these symptoms such as

  • Histamine intolerance
  • Fructose mal-absorption
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver
  • Migraine, etc.

The enzymes absent here, apart from the known digestive enzymes, do not serve the purpose of metabolism (= digestion) of the diet, but instead, are meant to provide protection against undesirable substances in our diet.

Sciotec has taken up the task of providing these missing enzymes once again in specially processed forms to our customers.

Since in most instances of enzyme deficiency syndrome (= food intolerances) the balance of the body is already disrupted, one special objective of the development of Sciotec was to develop products that are not absorbed by the body in order not to cause further imbalance in the body. This is why the active enzymes in the products of Sciotec act only on the bolus in the small intestine and not on the body itself (= no systemic effect).

As a result of the recovery that is as gentle as possible, and special processing of the enzymes, Sciotec was able to safeguard their activity and to provide this enzyme at the most important location in the body – namely in the small intestine – with its full working force.

What was important to Sciotec in the course of the development was to find as easy and natural a solution as possible for the enzyme deficiency syndrome: THE ENZYME SUBSTITUTE THERAPY.

If you have an enzyme missing – we shall top it up.

Please ask your physician or pharmacist for Sciotec's enzyme substitute therapy with the products:

DAOSiN supplements the enzyme DiAminoOxidase (DAO) for the decomposition of histamine from foodstuffs

LACTOsolv supplements the enzyme neutral Lactase (L) for the decomposition of lactose from foodstuffs.

In this way, you can dispense with various chemicals and pharmaceuticals - that influence the body's own system - that do not solve the actual problem but instead, suppress the symptoms in the best case.

The enzymes used in the course of EET are obtained from natural sources to a large extent or from controlled recombinant manufacture of Austrian or European producers. They are used in accurate dosage and in quantities proven with the help of clinical studies in order to ensure the maximum possible efficiency.