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In recent times until a little while ago, parties for me meant only mineral water and juices. I could not drink most of the varieties of champagne or wine, since I got palpitations and red spots on my neck immediately after consuming them. The red spots, in fact, had troubled me, but after some time I could no longer fool around with the palpitations and the associated circulatory problems. Unfortunately, no physician could really help me. I did not, in fact, even go to attend the girls' nights out, since I was always considered to be a spoilsport. Somewhere down the line, I noticed that certain foodstuffs were not good for me. But it is only after reading a report on histamine and the instructions about how you can establish that you are affected that helped me to identify my intolerance to certain foods. By omitting the appropriate foodstuffs, I was able to manage very well to begin with, but with time, the desire for variety simply increased and to be able to enjoy food without having to think or worry about it was compelling, and this is how I came across DAOSiN. If you know that you are soon going to be consuming a larger quantity of histamine via your diet, you simply take one capsule of DAOSiN beforehand. It is fantastic that there is an option of being able to indulge in feasting on food despite suffering from histamine intolerance.

Daniela, 41 years

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