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Vitamin D 90 capsules

Vitamin D from SCiOLiNE supplies the body with 1,000 I.E. of vitamin D per capsule.
Vitamin D, also called the "Sun vitamin", is no vitamin in the real sense. Its need can namely be covered not only by food intake but it can also be formed in the skin with the help of the sun.
Since only few foodstuffs contain appreciable quantities of vitamin D, the body's own production is the most efficient method of supply – however, this is not possible in the winter months and in the mornings and evenings in Central Europe.

Research results in the last few years establish that vitamin D has a significant preventive role to play with maintaining the health of the entire organism. Not only do the bones require vitamin D, but the fat-soluble vitamin is also involved in the functioning of the immune system, in controlling blood pressure, formation of hormones and muscular activity.
We recommend vitamin D in conjunction with LACTOsolv® in order to be able to provide all-round protection against lactose intolerance.

Recommended intake: 1 capsule a day


1 capsule consists
25µg Vit.D3 (=1000 I.E.)
40mg Calcium
160mg Citrate aus 250mg Calcium citrate