Temporary histamine intolerance

In general Histamine Intolerance (HIT) can be differentiated into permanent HIT and temporary HIT. Roughly 1-2% of the population suffers from a permanent HIT.

A disproportion between histamine and the body’s own enzyme DiAmineOxidase leads to the fact that histamine can’t be degraded in the small intestine.

This Histamine gets in the blood circulation and causes gastrointestinal symptoms as diarrhea, flatulence, convulsions, as well as other symptoms (skin, rhinitis, etc.) similar to allergy symptoms. 

This type of HIT will be diagnosed by medical doctors.

In contrast the temporary HIT affects everybody. Symptoms like headache, dull feeling, dizziness and loss of appetite are well known for people, who consume alcohol or certain pharmaceuticals.

Alcohol and/or medicine containing special substances like cough relievers, etc. can cause a temporary HIT. 

These substances inhibit the DiAmineOxidase, which is responsible for the degradation of histamine in the body, but only for a limited period of time. This causes the (in)famous “hang-over” effect!

If you use DAOSiN® capsules as a prevention befor a business lunch, or with alcohol drinks or special medicines, you can easily prevent this effect.

The mismatch between the enzyme DiamineOxidase and the amount of absorbed histamine in the small intestine will be in balance and symptoms like headache, sickness and flatulence can be prevented.