• DAO Produkt
    The only product in the world for DAO enzyme substitute therapy
  • Recommended use
    Always consume them BEFORE meals
  • Made in Austria
    Patented product from Austria


The perfect combination

SCIOLINE products are the perfect complement to our Daosin® and Lactosolv®.




Generally recognized as safe

DAO has been Self-determined as "Gernerally recognized as safe"  for use as a medical food in the US by AIBMR and an Expert Panel.


Food intolerance

At long last, I have found an aid for my intolerance to food. For a long time, I was unable to eat either smoked or seasoned hard cheese, or, for that matter, even tomatoes, and many other foodstuffs also created problems for me. A good friend had then read a report on histamine intolerance and gave me a tip on omitting foodstuffs and beverages containing histamine. Thus, for a long time, I kept away from smoked fish, salami, certain assortments of hard cheese, red wine etc. It was a difficult time, but it helped me to determine whether I was actually suffering from histamine intolerance. My alternative practitioner then confirmed to me that an ever increasing number of human beings suffer from histamine intolerance and gave me tip of DAOSiN capsules. I conducted a self-test with them: I consciously ate histamine-containing foodstuffs, but took these DAOSiN capsules before doing so. These substitute the enzyme formed in the intestine that makes the histamine harmless. And it worked wonderfully, since I did not have any complaints, although I polished off the food joyfully that was actually prohibited for me. Now, I am absolutely sure that I, too, suffer from histamine intolerance and that I have a solution for meals that are actually taboo for me. With these capsules, life has finally become balanced as far as the diet is concerned. Thank you for this fantastic product, since I would have had to dispense with so many delicious foodstuffs without DAOSiN.

Kerstin, 34 years

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